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IRC-36 hand-held multifunction uncooled thermal camera

MH-C640 Portable & Long-Range Multifunction Binoculars

MH-C3320 Cooled Military thermal Binocular

MH-C6420 Portable cooled thermal camera

Photoelectric Tracking and Recognition System

Cooled thermal imager on vehicles

Double field of view long focal length cooled thermal imager

MH-C21/22 thermal imaging camera

MH-C53A photoelectric tracking equipment

Remote photoelectric reconnaissance equipment

Three Gears Zooming Medium Wave Cooling Thermal Imaging Camera

MH-C3125 Handheld Binocular Cooling Thermal Imaging camera

MH-C88 Series of Long-wave Infrared Cooling Thermal Imaging Camera

MH-C29 infrared vigilance equipment

MH-C53 Hand-hled Muti-functional Infrared Thermal Imager

MH-C82 Four in One Photoelectric Reconnaissance Device


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