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Double field of view long focal length cooled thermal imager

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Double field of view long focal length cooled thermal imager

Double field of view long focal length cooled thermal imager


l SDL 750 thermal imager

l High performance outdoor overload cradle head

l Analog digital signal conversion module

l Secondary power conversion module

l Lightning protection module

l Network transmission module


l large caliber long focal length( long focal length is 750mm, Effective caliber long focal length is 190mm)

l super long working distance, detecting vehicle targets at 18Km(Standard atmospheric conditions)

l High spatial resolution

l Large zoom ratio, with 4× optical zoom, 2× electronic zoom

l Narrow/wide field of view switching for fast discovery/recognition of targets (switching time 1.5s)

l Modular design, each module is connected through a specific interface, which ensures the system's good maintainability.

l 360° search

l Multi-preset automatic inspection

3.technical indicators

l Detector: 640x512 cooled focal plane detection module

l working wave band: 3~5um

l Maximum working distance(Visibility is greater than 15km, visibility distance is greater than 18km, ambient temperature (25±5)℃, relative humidity is less than 60%, target background temperature difference△T=3~5K)

u For vehicle(2.3×4.6m):Detection distance:18km

Recognition distance:8km

u For human(1.8×0.5m):Detection distance:10km

Recognition distance:5km

l Focal length:  187.5mm/750mm(Wide/narrow field of view)

l FOV:

Wide FOV:2.93°(1±10%)×2.35°(1±10%)

Narrow FOV:0.73°(1±10%)×0.59°(1±10%)

l Focusing range:

Wide FOV:50m~∞;

Narrow FOV:100m~∞

l FOV conversion time:≤1.5s

l FOV switching accuracy:≤1.0mrad

l F#:4.0

l Electronic magnification:2×

l NETD:≤60mk

l MRTD :Narrow FOV 12(cy/mrad)≤0.5K

l Optical axis stability:Narrow FOV≤1mrad

l starting time:≤12min

l Control function:

Menu adjustment, field of view control, field of view display, polarity (black/white heat) adjustment

Accuracy of rotation Angle:≤0.1°

Preset: 256 pcs,With automatic cruise

Electronic image stabilization: Yes


Dimension:≤800mm × 505mm × 855mm

video format:PAL


Power Consumption:≤850W

Environmental suitability

u Working temperature:-30℃~55℃

u Store temperature:-40℃~65℃

u Shock、rain, damp heat, etc. meet the requirements of GJB150-1986。

mechanical interface

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