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Gen2/Gen2+/Gen3 Night Vision Image Intensifier Tube
The 3rd generation low-light-level (LLL) image intensifier tube is the core device of advanced low-light-leve night vision system. Its typical technical characteristics are high sensitivity response gallium arsenide photocathode and high gain and low noise microchannel plate electron multiplier.
Pvs14 Night Vision Monocular
MH-NVYN is portable and multi -functional night vision monocular,adopt Generation3 image intensifier tube, with high resolution,small in size, light in weight. Magnification can be changed by replacing different objective lens.This device guarantees quality image for surveillance at night.
Mini Thermal Imaging Camera Core
It is one of the smallest thermal imaging camera core in the world, which use the latest 384*288px/640*480px 17um FPA uncooled thermal detecor. Offering the brilliant video quality and customized connection interface, it will bring you great success in your system integration.
NVGS White/Green Phosphorous Night Vision Goggles
MH-NVGs is a kind of night vision goggles which can be viewed by two eyes and can be mounted with helmet, small in size, light in weight. It adopts military quality image intensifier tube with the funtionof anti-glare and built-in IR illuminator. It is mainly used for military observation,sea defence.
Real Gen2+/Gen3 Night Vision Binocular
The MH-NVBR Gen3 long distance military night vision binocular were designed to be a cost effective night vision binocular without giving up on quality or night vision performance.The main features include a high-resolution Image Intensifier Tube and a 5x magnification which is very impressive on night vision binoculars.
Helmet Mounted Night Vision Binocular
MH-NVGB waterproof helmet mounted binocular infrared night vision is compact design,wide field of view and sensitive sensors or image intensifier tubes, these hand held nightvision binocular provide a reliable solution for night time observation. Which provides enhanced viewing in low light conditions using.
Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle
It presence of four separate image intensifier tubes with four separate objective lenses arrayed in a panoramic orientation. The center two lenses point forward like traditional dual-tube goggles.
IP67 Vehicles Thermal Night Vision Car Camera
The MH-N infrared thermal imaging product is mainly used in advanced assisted driving of automobiles. It can obtain clear images during driving at night or in low light, and provide more comprehensive.
Multi-function Thermal Binoculars
The MH-900 Professional long range thermal vision image goggles binoculars infrared laser rangefinders night vision binoculars is multi-purpose reconnaissance system.
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