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MH is a leading manufacturer and developer of precision Night Vision Optics and Thermal Imaging etc. Among them,the Infrared thermal imaging automobile driving camera uses advanced driving assistant system. We all know it's not safe to drive in total darkness, high beams, thick fog, rain, snow, etc. But with the help of thermal camera, drivers will see clearly in those harsh environment, and get real-time alerts of dangerous traffic ahead.


1. Applicable to all weather

Infrared thermal imaging cameraadapts to all kinds of bad weather (rain, fog, haze, sand and dust, etc.).

2. Anti-glare function

It will eliminate effects of front vehicles’ glare.

3. Intelligent warning of dangerous road conditions

If there is a danger, the Infrared thermal imaging system willaccording to the target distance gives alarm prompt indifferent forms to the driver.

4. Highlighting the non-luminous heating object

Infrared thermal imaging camera automatically identify foreground non-luminous heating object, such as walking person, ride man,vehicle, animal.

5. Protection level of IP67




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