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Photoelectric Tracking and Recognition System

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Photoelectric Tracking and Recognition System

1) Daylight imaging module

Resolution: 3 million pixels;

Lens focal length: 20 mm to 750 mm continuous zoom, error less than 10%.

2) Cooled thermal imaging module

Device type: refrigeration detector/cooled thermal detector

Resolution: 640 (H) *512 (V);

Lens focal length: 30 mm / 150 mm / 500 mm, three-step zoom, error≤10%

3)Laser range finder

Ranging range: 200-20000m (visibility (> 23.5Km) for 20*20m specification target;

Ranging accuracy:≤5 M.

4)Director turntable

Rotation radius: <300 mm;

Height: <800mm;

Weight:≤90 kg.

5)Digital Video Recorder

Video format: H. 264;

Video input: 1 digital, 4 PAL system;

Real-time recording, playback at any time, hard disk 4T, continuous video time > 1000 hours.

military thermal camera

Photoelectric Director Dimension Diagram

Major function

(1) It has the functions of omni-directional and all-weather target discovery, tracking, recognition and surveillance;

(2) Video image enhancement and fog penetration function of daylight imaging module;

(3) It has the functions of manual search and manual/automatic target tracking.

(4) It has the function of automatic Fan-sweep inspection;

(5) Laser Ranging Function

(6) It has the functions of video forensics, superimposing time and position coordinate information;

(7) It has the function of receiving radar target guidance information and realizing fast target detection and recognition.

(8) It has the function of fusing multi-dimensional information such as image, azimuth, pitch, distance and position of the target, and sharing image information with remote command center and other systems through network.

(9) It has the function of remote control through network or optical cable.

Optoelectronic System Operating Distance

Optoelectronic System Operating Distance

Target type

Daylight imaging module

Infrared imaging module

Aircraft with Wingspan
8m  delta wing

Detection distance≥20km

Recognition distance≥15km

Detection distance≥40km

UAV with Wingspan 3m

Detection distance≥10km

Recognition distance≥8km

Detection distance≥10km

Dji Phantom 4

Detection distance≥3km

Recognition distance≥2km

Detection distance≥3km

Detection range

Azimuth: 360 degrees continuous rotation; pitch: - 30 degrees to + 80 degrees.

Servo performance

The maximum angular velocity of azimuth and pitch is ≥60°/s, and the maximum angular acceleration of azimuth and pitch is ≥ 200°/s2.

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