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The difference between Infrared thermal imaging camera and image intensifier tube night vision camera.

2020-09-10 10:44:55

The night vision camera with the image intensifier tube is an active night vision device. The target needs light, so it is traditionally called low-light night vision device. The principle is to pass the weak light of the target through the internal core component of the image tube. Enlarged to the light that can be observed by the human eye. In the case of total darkness, no target can be seen, so this night vision device is equipped with an infrared transmitter. In the case of total darkness, an invisible infrared lamp is used to illuminate the target to make the target visible.


The night vision camera with thermal imaging technology is called passive night vision device. The passive thermal imaging night vision device uses infrared detectors, optical imaging objectives and photo-mechanical scanning systems to receive the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the measured target and reflect it on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector, between the optical system and the infrared detector. , There is an optical-mechanical scanning mechanism to scan the infrared thermal imager of the measured object and focus on the unit or spectroscopic detector. The infrared radiation energy is converted by the detector into electrical signals, which are amplified and converted into standard video signals. The TV screen or monitor displays the infrared thermal image. This kind of thermal imaging night vision device observes the target in total darkness and daytime is exactly the same, and is not affected by light.


The display of night vision camera with thermal imaging technology: 

The display of night vision camera with image intensifier tube: 

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