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Military IP67 long range handheld thermal monocular
It uses the latest high resolution thermal sensor(640*480px), IP67 waterproof, standby function,color modes, mobile phone control monocular via WIFI, take picture, record and playback video,it with high performance in harsh environment.
Handheld multifunctional infrared thermal binocular
Uncooled 640*480px thermal sensor, eye-safe laser ranging finder, integrated GPS/BDII, digital magnetic compass and daylight camera. It provides advanced target location and image storage capability to work well in harsh environment.
Super mini thermal imaging camera core
It is one of the smallest thermal imaging camera core in the world, which use the latest 384*288px/640*480px 17um FPA uncooled thermal detecor. Offering the brilliant video quality and customized connection interface, it will bring you great success in your system integration.
Head-mounted night vision goggles
Small in size, light in weight, can clear see the target in total darkness. It supports hand-held, helmet-mounted, head-mounted. Mainly used for military observation,surveillance, etc.
Night vision thermal driving assistant system
It sees through the total darkness, thick smoke, dense fog, heavy rain and snow, reveals unexpected obstacles, improves visibility of road signs, navigates on unknown roads.
Uncooled thermal rifle scope
It has advantages of high resolution, IP66 waterproof , recording video, taking picture, real-time video output, storage video or picture, color modes, multiple reticles ,long range detection.
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