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MH PRODUCTS >> Thermal Scopes

Sniper Rifle 4-16X Sight

Tritium Scope

Vehicle photoelectric system

Laser holographic sight

40mm Bazooka weapon series products

Artillery series products

60mm mortar sight

LG5-40mm grenade launcher OS10 photoelectric sight

LG5-40mm grenade launcher rangefinder sight

LG4-40mm automatic grenade launcher sight

LG3-40mm automatic grenade launcher shooting angle setting sight

OS16 single-soldier rocket simple fire control

ON4 type low light scope

40mm bazooka infrared sight

Lightweight seatless weapon sighting device

Uncooled handheld infrared Heliotrope

7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun Infrared Sight

OT23 Series Infrared Sight

Series aiming scopes for grenade launchers

40 Bazooka Series Aiming Sight


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