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Miniature UAV detector

Product description:

Micro UAV Detector is a kind of UAV frequency detection equipment. As an early warning discovery device, it can be effective Improve the performance of various types of UAV countermeasures equipment, provide countermeasures with reference data such as the position, frequency, and field strength of the UAV, and improve the accuracy of UAV countermeasures.

Scenario application:

1. For police-mounted on a portable counter-gun, with an additional early warning function, suitable for various large-scale security activities, foreign affairs and other activities and patrol tasks;

2. Military-During exercises or actual combat, the enemy reconnaissance drones are spotted in advance to buy time for concealment;

3. Security — Early warning and discovery of drones in important places such as government agencies, schools, secret-related units, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, and power plants.

Use: It can be used alone or mounted on various UAV counter-guns with guide rails.

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