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Multifunctional 5G Jammer

Place of Origin: Domestic independent research and development

Function:Radio communication control, drone countermeasures

This equipment is mainly used for EOD personnel to transfer or dispose of suspicious explosives, to cut off wireless communication between dangerous personnel, and to control drones in flight by emitting high-power electromagnetic waves, and to cut off drones and remote control remotely. Between the people. Through the multi-function jammer, the UAV can be landed in situ or returned to the starting point of the functional control to ensure the safety of the low-altitude airspace in the area. When the jammer is turned on, it can form electromagnetic shielding in the area, preventing drones from entering the area.

Mainly used in:

1) Radio shielding at the EOD site, on-site communication sealing and control for confidential meetings, on-site communication control for foreign affairs activities, on-site communication control for large-scale mass incidents;

2) The protection of domestic no-fly areas, such as: political core areas, chief residences, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, oil storage depots, prisons, military management areas, national strategic resource projects, airports, and foreign affairs activities;

3) Sites to prevent information leakage, such as: venues for major events, major criminal cases, surrounding important security guards, protection of politicians, rehearsals of large-scale performances, and archaeological excavations;

4) Combat cases where drones are used as carriers for illegal activities, such as drug trafficking/trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.

Performance characteristics:

1) Including 5G and 4G mobile phone full frequency band seamless coverage: the frequency band output range is 15~6000MHz, shielding all wireless remote control equipment, including toy remote control, car remote control, FM radio, wireless data transmission, wireless control, walkie-talkie, GSM mobile phone, CDMA mobile phones, 3G mobile phones, 4G mobile phones, 5G mobile phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, BP, UAV (image transmission/remote control/location), etc.

2) Touch the LCD screen to display the emission spectrum density in real time, and you can quickly set the bandwidth of each frequency band or turn off certain frequency bands (for example: air traffic control radar frequency band, military radar frequency band, mobile communication uplink frequency band and other non-remote control Available frequency bands, and keep this unit's walkie-talkie frequency band). The full frequency band seamless coverage is the default setting, which can be instantly modified on-site through the LCD screen of the controller.

3) The device comes with the corresponding frequency table of various wireless products, and the user can compare the table by himself to implement interference settings for the target wireless device.

4) 10m wire control, which can operate the jammer from a long distance to avoid the equipment's radiation to the human body.

5) Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, which can be used conveniently away from the mains or the instrument in the field. The lithium battery can be used for continuous working time of the equipment for 60 minutes.

6) Instantaneous ultra-wideband generation technology + frequency scanning method, which can form a seamless electromagnetic shielding wall in the time domain and frequency domain at the same time, shielding any analog and digital wireless remote control devices.

7) For different applications, a set of omnidirectional antennas are provided. The coverage of the omnidirectional antenna: 360 omnidirectional coverage in the horizontal direction, and 90° wide beam coverage in the vertical direction.

8) Number of external antennas: The number of external antennas is small, which shortens the operating time of on-site instruments and improves security.

9) Main box material: Pelican trolley case design, color: black, green, sand. (Color can be customized)

10) Battery: Built-in battery 60A.

11) Antenna type: omnidirectional antenna;

12) Equipment weight: ≤45kg.

13) Operating environment: -25℃~+50℃, relative humidity 10%~95%.

14) Protection grade: IP55 (rainproof)

A. Technical indicators of communication sealing control function:

☆ Interference principle: blocking interference DDS frequency sweep + white noise

☆ Working mode: full frequency band seamless coverage interference mode

☆ Sealing distance: 5~100 meters

☆ Control mode: one-key switch, LCD screen chooses to interfere with or not to interfere with the target

☆ Output frequency band: 15~6000MHz

☆ Output power: ≥310dBm (addition of each frequency band)

☆ Reliability: MTBF≥1500 hours

☆ Protection function: undervoltage/overvoltage/overheat protection, no-load protection, short circuit protection

B.Technical indicators of UAV interception function:

▷Transmission channel: ≥9 channels

▷Transmission frequency band: 433MHz, 700MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz, 1.2GHz, 1.4GHz, 1.5GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz

▷The effective control distance of drones: 0 meters to 1500 meters (covering the entire low-altitude open area);

▷Portable operation: one-key switch or on-screen display controller control

▷Function mode: three functions of driving away, forced landing and returning to the drone;

▷Multi-band electromagnetic emission: It can control various types of UAVs, such as: domestic, Japanese, U.S., European, civilian, commercial and aerial photography UAVs;

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