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40mm Bazooka weapon series products

1. White light universal scope

The white light universal scope uses a fixed launch angle inside and outside. It is equipped with Type 69 and Type 69-1 40mm rocket launchers. It is used to launch 40 armor-piercing projectiles, type I armor-piercing projectiles, type II, type III armor-piercing projectiles (heavy) and 84-80 armor-piercing projectiles (reduced wind deviation). Direct or indirect aiming is achieved through the use of internal divisions and external scales, and high-explosive warheads and flares can also be fired. In addition, the scope is also equipped with an illuminating device to illuminate the internal divisions and external scales of the scope to meet night use.

White light universal scope

2. 40mm bazooka infrared sight

The 40mm rocket launcher infrared sight is equipped with the PF69 type 40mm rocket weapon system, which is mainly used to destroy enemy vehicles, light armor, field fortifications, ground buildings, military equipment and other targets at night. The infrared sight can be realized by electronic division. One mirror has multiple bombs, and it can be used as an observation mirror at night.

40mm bazooka infrared sight

3. ON4 type low light scope

The ON4 low-light scope is a high-performance scope specially designed to be equipped with individual rocket launchers. The scope uses the domestic super second-generation image intensifier, and optimizes the design of the matching objective lens system and bright division projection system, which can achieve the goal of living targets within 300 meters and light armored targets within 600 meters. Observe the aiming, and use the internal division of the mirror to set the firing angle of the launch tube.

ON4 type low light scope

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