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Artillery series products

1. 60mm Artillery sighting device

The sight device is suitable for PBP201 type 60mm light mortar, adopts holographic two-point quick aiming method, and uses the internal space attitude sensor to measure the angle and direction deviation of the gun to calculate the position of the impact point and the coordinates of the bomb point. ; It is also possible to input the projectile weight, charge temperature, initial velocity, charge, target height difference, altitude, weather and other parameters to realize ballistic correction. The scope is a new concept of space surveying and sighting system, which meets the needs of rapid response and precise strike in modern warfare.

60mm Artillery sighting device

2. 60mm mortar sight

The 60mm artillery scope is used for observation, aiming and shooting of 60mm mortars. The product can accurately set the position correction of the target according to different types of bombs and different target distances. The product can be used to aim at the target directly or indirectly. The product also has the characteristics of accurate and reliable installation, quick and convenient withdrawal.

60mm mortar sight

3. DS-73 aiming sight

The DS-73 scope is matched with the rocket launcher to observe and aim the shooting target. The product is designed with complete functions and can accurately set the firing angle to the target according to different types of bombs and different target distances. The product is equipped with a direct aiming mechanism, which can directly aim at the target, and an indirect aiming mechanism, which can be used for indirect aiming at the target. In addition, the distance correction and azimuth correction can be carried out quickly and accurately according to the shooting situation. The product can also

It is equipped with a firepower launcher to set up observation aiming and firing angle

DS-73 aiming sight

4. Mortar electronic sighting instrument

The electronic sighting instrument adopts the organic combination of domestic mature advanced technology and equipment such as semiconductor laser rangefinder (optional), electronic automatic angle measuring device and single-chip solution control, which can accurately measure the target distance, automatically measure and output the barrel attitude angle, The precise high angle is calculated by the single-chip microcomputer, and the operation is convenient and fast, thus meeting the tactical requirements of modern warfare.

 Mortar electronic sighting instrument

5. Type special mortar electronic digital sight

Type Ⅲ special mortar electronic digital sight

6. Type IV mortar photoelectric digital sight (120mm caliber)

Type IV mortar photoelectric digital sight (120mm caliber)

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