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     |-Gen2+/3 Night Vision Goggles
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Holographic infrared rifle sight

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Laser holographic sight

Laser holographic sight

Main technical Parameters


Aim at the eye position: Unlimited

Parallax: ≤2'

Zero position accuracy: ≤±1mil

Adjustment range: height≥±8mil


The laser holographic sight uses laser light to form a holographic image in the observation window, and the user can aim and lock the target through the holographic ring image of the observation window. The scope is light in weight, small in size, and has the characteristics of wide viewing angle with both eyes, no eye position restriction, fast aiming, and high aiming accuracy. It can be used in combination with other sights and night vision devices. The scope is mainly used for submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, carbines, grenade launchers, and can also be used for sniper rifles as auxiliary aiming.

Laser holographic sight


● Variety of battery types

● Continuous working time is not less than 20 hours

●  Adjustable aiming ring brightness

● With under-voltage alarm indication

● Weight ≤380g (without battery)

● Environmental adaptability meets national military standards

1. OS3C laser holographic sight

OS3C laser holographic sight

2. OS3T laser holographic sight

OS3T laser holographic sight

3.OS3Xlaser holographic sight
OS3Xlaser holographic sight

Engineer Manager Name: Jacky

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