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MHDIC-MicroMicro Strain Measurement System

MHDIC-Micro series micro strain measurement system combines digital imagecorrelation method (DIC) with binocular microscopy technology,the 3D full-fielddisplacement field and strain field of the measured object at the micro-scale ofeach deformation state can be calculated the measurement of 3D coordinates,displacement and strain of the object surface during the deformation processcan be realized. XTDIC-Micro makes up for the shortcomings of traditionalmethods which can’t be used to measure the deformation of micro-objects,and becomes a powerful means in the field of micro-scale deformation andstrain measurement.

MHDIC-MicroMicro Strain Measurement System


●Microscopic morphology and strain analysis(micron andnanometer scale).

● Material tests (young’s modulus, poisson's ratio, elasticplastic parametric properties).

● Strain calculation, strength evaluation, component sizemeasurement, non-linear change detection.

● Advanced materials (CFRP, wood, fiber containingPE,metal foam, rubber, etc.)

● Dynamic strain measurement, such as fatigue test.

● Dynamic measurement● Strength assessment .

● Biomechanics (skeleton, muscle, blood vessel, etc).

● Behavior analysis of homogeneous and non-homogeneous mate rials during deformation.

● Component testing (measuring displacement and strain) .

● Fracture mechanical properties.

● Nonlinear change detection.

MHDIC-Micro Model


Model MHDIC-Micro-SD
camera resolution 2×2.3M(1920×1200)
Camera frame rate 160fps
Minimum resolution 2-3um
Stain measurement accuracy 50με
Strain measurement range 0.01%~500%
Measurement range 1mm~10mm


camera resolution 2×5M(2448×2048)
Camera frame rate 75fps
Minimum resolution 1-2um
Stain measurement accuracy 50με
Strain measurement range 0.01%~500%
Measurement range 1mm~10mm

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