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MH-413 HD Long Range Systems Nv Monocular/Goggles Series

Product Overiew

The product is developed for the users who have high and strictly requirements about the distance, it is equiped with 413mm super big objective lens. Therefore you can view as far as 2800m target clearly even in the low light conditions. The excellent light transmission performance and using Gen3 intensifier tube make you view the long range target easily.
On the other hand, this product is also equiped with heavy-duty telescopic tripod to make it easy to be moved. At the same time, MH-413 has the following advantages, such as the brightness source protection and automatic brightness adjustable functions.

Key Features

1) Long observation range(2800m at low light level)
2) High image quality across the screen
3) Unique fast optics enables high light transmission
4) Bright light cut-off
5) Automatic brightness from lateral or frontal light sources
6) Automatic brightness control with manual override(optional)
7) Low power consumption
8) Heavy-duty telescopic tripod

Model MH-413 Gen3
Magnification 16x
FOV, deg
Focus range 200m-infinity
Exit pupil 4.5mm
Diopter adjustment -1
Reticle scal-division value 5 mils
Battery type 1xCR123 lithium battery
Battery lifetime 80 hours
Dimension 400x250x250(mm)
Net weight 12kg
Gen 3 image intensifier tubes
Photocathode type 18mm S-25
Photocathode sensitivity, typical ≥550, μA/lm
Resolution, typical 57-64, Ip/mm
Luminous gain, typical 19000-25000, fl/fcd
Signal-to-noise ratio, typical 20:1 or better
FOM, typical ≥1150
Tube reliability standard 10000, hour
Keep time, typical 10, year
Warranty 1, year
Effective Distance
Detection range, approx., m/yard
-quarter moon
-cloud cover
up to 2800/3000
up to 2500/2800
Recognition range, approx., m/yard
-quarter moon
-cloud cover
up to 2200/2400
up to 1600/1800
5mW IR illuminator, approx., m/yard up to 100/24
Environmental data
Operating temperature, -40° to +50° / -40° to +122°
Storage temperature, / -30° to +50° / -86° to +122°
Waterproof rate IPX4
Humidity, % up to 98%

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