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MH-MF130 Day&Night Systems Front Attached Night Vision Scope

 Day&Night Systems Front Attached Night Vision Scope

 Day&Night Systems Front Attached Night Vision Scope


The front attached scope adopte with Gen3 image intensifier tube, with high accuracy day scope adjusted well for usage, which connects with the front part of day light riflescope directly at night, and without effect to the aiming point, also no need of adjusting the rifle, then extend the weapon equipment night function, and make the whole system available for day and night using equipment. This model can be mounted on CS/LR4 series high precision rifles in 7.62mm. Accurate aiming and shooting peoples and other target from 20m to 1100m away.

 Day&Night Systems Front Attached Night Vision Scope

Model MH-MF130 Gen3
Magnification 1x
FOV, deg
Objective diameter 70 mm
Size 213x82x96(mm)
Weight 1000(g)
Mounting bracket Picantinny rail
Gen 3 image intensifier tubes
Photocathode type 18mm S-25
Photocathode sensitivity, typical ≥550, μA/lm
Resolution, typical 57-64, Ip/mm
Luminous gain, typical 19000-25000, fl/fcd
Signal-to-noise ratio, typical 20:1 or better
FOM, typical ≥1150
Tube reliability standard 10000 hour
Keep time, typical 10 year
Warranty 1 year
Environmental data
Operating temperature -40° to +50
Storage temperature -0° to +50
Immersion 1 meter for 0.5 (Optional), hour
Humidity up to 98%
Day time riflecope
Magnification 8.5x~32x(comtinuously adjustable)
FOV 8.5x2.8° 32x0.75°
Exit pupil diameter ≥1.4mm
Eye-Relief ≥60mm
Focusing range 50m to infinity(∞)
(continuously adjustable)
Diopter range -4~+2D
Reticle range High-low-8~0, direction-4~+4 mil
Reticle accuracy range 0.02 mil±20%
Hit zero momentum ≤ 0.15 mil
Weight 1.2kg
(battery included, accessory exclusive)

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