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With LRF MH-RS Series Thermal Weapon Sight

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With LRF MH-RS Series Thermal Weapon Sight

With LRF MH-RS Series Thermal Weapon Sight

MH-RS335L is a compact and lightweight multi-functional thermal weapon sight. With advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, high sensitivity, high frame rate and high stability. Take advantage of a 384*288px@17um uncooled thermal detector, 50Hz frame-rate, 600m laser range finder, 4x digital electronic zoom and a MIL standard digital OLED micro display for enhanced target recognition, and provide smoothly and clearly imagery, let you to confidently and clearly see the location of the prey in darkness and hard environment.


* High thermal resolution, high resolution OLED color display and high refresh rate.Offers clear, crisp imagery through smoke, dust and complete darkness.

* Multiple type of cross cursor options and multiple color of cursor options

* Multiple function: Thermal image/ Hot tracking/ Electronic Compass/ Picture in picture(PIP)/ Rangefinder

* Multiple language for your choose.

*Fully waterproof IP67, MH RS thermal scopes can be operated in precipitation of any intensity. Such as heavy shower or snowfall.

*With 600m laser range finder, accuracy is less than ±1m

With LRF MH-RS Series Thermal Weapon Sight

With LRF MH-RS Series Thermal Weapon Sight

With LRF MH-RS Series Thermal Weapon Sight

With LRF MH-RS Series Thermal Weapon Sight

Type MH-RS335
Detector 384×288,17μm
Type Uncooled FPA, Shutter less
Spectral Range 8~14μm
Focus Length 35mm(50mm,75mm Optional)
F# F1.0
FOV 10.6°×8.0°
Frame Frequency 50Hz
OLED 0.5 inch, 1024×768
Digital Zoom 1×, 2×, 4×
Palette White-hot, Black-hot, Red-hot, Iron-hot, Sky
Recognition Range
1.8m×0.5m Human 500m
2.3m×2.3m Nato Target 800m
Detection Range
1.8m×0.5m Human 1000m
2.3m×2.3m Nato Target 1300m
Shock 500G
Chassis Picatinny Chassis
Power 26650×1Pcs, 3.7V, Rechargeable Li-battery
Working Time ≥8h
Working Temperature -40℃~60℃
Encapsulation IP67
Weight 650~1300g
Size ≤250mm×80mm×52mm

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