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MH-6-18mk thermal imaging core

The smaller NETD's Value of thermal module,the better images.

It is the first commercially available uncooled thermal camera core to realize NETD 18mk, enabling system integrators to reduce optics sizes and decrease optics cost.


MH-6-18mk thermal imaging core is a small size, very low power consumption, NETD18mk uncooled infrared thermal imaging module, it has the smallest NETD in China, which makes the core has the best images.
Its compact design makes it completely suitable for OEM assembly and integration.
With a variety of configurations and optional lenses, MH-6-18mk thermal imaging core can meet almost all application requirements.
MH-6-18mk thermal imaging core is most suitable for applications requiring portable, small, low-power and low-cost thermal imaging movement.


The boot time is less than 3 seconds
NETD<18mk @300k F1.0
The minimum power consumption is less than 0.9W
With blank, DDE algorithm
It has the function of optical auto focusing and continuous zoom
LVDS standard data output

RFQ(Frequently asked questions)

1.What is NETD in a Thermal Camera?why NETD's value smaller, its quality better?


2.Why MH could realize NETD to 18mk?

Because MH use the best uncooled thermal FPA detector(sensor), MH has extremely professioanl engineers who are good at design,algorithm,production and test etc.

3.Does MH-6-18mk thermal imaging core has shutter or without shutter?

MH-6-18mk thermal imaging core has shutter.

4.Can MH Tech do OEM and design as clients'parameter and interface requirement?

Absolutely,MH Tech can do OEM and design as clients'parameter and interface requirement.

5.What is the parameter of MH-6-18mk thermal imaging core?

Model MH-6-18mk
Detector Detector type Uncooled amorphous
silicon FPA
FPA format /Pixel pitch 640*480px@17um

≤18mk at f

/1.0 300K

Frame rate 50Hz
Spectral range 8~14um
Image processing calibration With shutter
Start-up time <3s
Image enhancement DDE
Image display resolution 768×576
Image frame rate 50Hz(PAL)
Lens 17mm,19mm,



Controls Polarity Black hot/white hot/color
Zoom 1x, 2x, 4x
Brightness Auto+manual
Contrast Auto+manua
Image reversal Horizontal/Vertical
Crosshair YES
Power Operation Voltage range DC: +2.5V~+15V
Power consumption <0.9W
Reverse connect protection YES
Over/Under Voltage protection YES
Environment Operation tempreture range





Non-operation tempreture range -45ºC~+65ºC
Humidity 5%~95% Non Condensing
Physical Attributes Weight 75g(without lens)
PCB size 44.5X44.5X34mm
Interface External Power supply YES
Digital Video output LVDS
Analog video output YES
Communication RS-232/RS-485

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