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     |-Middle Wave IR Lens
     |-Long Wave IR Lens
     |-Uncooled Thermal Core
     |-Cooled Thermal Core
     |-Uncooled Thermal Monocular
     |-Uncooled Thermal Binocular
     |-Vehicle Thermal Camera
     |-Multi-function Thermal Camra
     |-Long Rance PTZ Camera
     |-Cooled Thermal Camera
     |-Digital NV
     |-Image Intensifier Tube
     |-Gen2+/3 NV Monocular
     |-Gen2+/3 NV Binocular
     |-Gen2+/3 NV Goggle
     |-Ground Panoramic NV Goggle
     |-Night Vision and Thermal Fusion
     |-Digital Riflescope
     |-Thermal Riflescope
     |-Gen2+/3 NV Riflescope
     |-Holographic sight & Red dot sight
     |-Other Scopes
     |-Laser Rangefinder module
     |-10km Laser Rangefinder
     |-12-18km Laser Rangefinder
     |-20km Laser Rangefinder
     |-Snipper Detection System
     |-Corner Shot System
     |-Ring Laser Gyros
     |-Jamming System
     |-3D Scanner Series
Remote control Thermal Camera,CCTV camera,Rangefinder

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Remote control station is the near area defense light system which integrates target detection, identification, tracking, surveillance, simple resolving and firepower unit.

ORW-10 remote control  station adopts the technology of gyro stabilization, IR imaging and auto-tracking and resolving and can be equipped with multiple types of machine gun and emitter.

2.1 Device composition

It is composed of operating console and  platform. The firepower unit can be equipped with module weapon system with various  combinations.

2.2 Functions and characteristics

(1) Characteristics

l The product can carry multi-type machine gun and emitter and the adaptability is good.

l It has advantages of relative independence, modular unit and remote operating.

(2) Functions

l Automoatic firing mode, semi-automatic firing mode and manual firing mode

l Detection, reconnaissance and tracking function of small targets on surface and bank in all weather.

l Visible light camera shooting, uncooled IR thermal imaging, and laser ranging

l It has autonomous gyro stabilzation function to eliminate ship swing and realize LOS stabilization.

l Prohibit shooting at the dangerous range and limit elevation and azimuth.

l Image recording and replaying function.

1. Thermal Camera Specification

Items Thermal Camera
Detector Detector type

Uncooled  FP

A  microbolometer

Spectral range 8 - 12 µm
Array size 640*480
Pixel size 25um



Lens 100mm/F1.0
FOV 4.5°×3.6°
Zoom 2X
NETD ≤80mk@30℃
Focus Electronics focus
Frame rate 50Hz
Power supply DC DC12V
Environment Operating temp -40℃- +60℃
Physical Weight ≤3KG
Interface External Power DC12V/2A
Video out CCIR






Human 2500m
Vehicle 3000m



Human 1000m
Vehicle 1500m

2. CCTV Camera Specification:


Focus lens :300mm

Detection range Human 4500m
Vehicle 5000m
Recognition range Human 1500m
Vehicle 2000m

3. Range finder specification

Item Technical Parameter
Wavelength 1.06μm
Type of laser Nd:YAG
Type of detector APD
Detecting range 10km
Detecting accuracy ±5m
Repetition frequency 10ppm(Typical),1Hz(Urgent)
False alarm rate ≤3%
Data interface RS422
Power supply 24VDC
Working temperature -30℃~+60℃
Weight ≤1.1 kg
Size ≤120mm×110mm×70mm

Pls note that the accuracy

of laser rangefinder has two

more options,one is±2.5m,

the other is ±1m.

remote thermal camera

remote control weapon station

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