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Thermal imaging camera for cars

MH-D is a compact thermal imagingcamera for all type of vehicles, designed to ensure safe driving even on the darkest nights or stormiest days. The device is based on the same technology used by the military. Car headlights illuminate a distance of between 250-450 feet ahead of the car. MH-D thermal imaging camera allows the driver to see further , so that he/she can spot pedestrians, animals and obstacles in time and respond accordingly. Unlike standard video cameras that create images based on visible light, MH-D thermal imaging camera identifies differences in temperature, making even low-visibility driving safe.

thermal imaging camera

MH-D Advanced Thermal Imaging Driving Assistance System,which is the perfect product for driving safer in night,fog, snow,rain,etc.

night vision hidden camera for car

Product features

◆Highlightingthe non-luminous heating object

The night vision thermal imagin system can automatically recognizes and highlights non-luminous heating object such as pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and animal under all weather conditions. It can help the driver observe the object that can’t be seen clearly when the headlight is turned on.

◆Longer detection distance

The far infrared night vision thermal system can detect 300m under good visible condition. While thedetectabledistance, under bad weather (rain, fog, haze, dust, etc.), will shorten accordingly.

The irradiation distance of asymmetric beam is about 90m beside the opposite road. The irradiation distance is about 150m alongside the road. Even if the high beam is turned on, the irradiation distance is only 200m, which is shorter than the effective detectable distance of night vision system.

Besides,the pre-alarm function for the potential dangercan gain precious time to warn driver to avoid accidents.

◆Anti-glare function

The NV system form the corresponding image by capturing external infrared radiant energy, so when meeting oncoming vehicle, the high beams on the coming vehicle don’t have influence to the infrared imaging, efficiently reducing traffic safety problems caused by glare for the driver, enhance the 11 driver safety when meeting oncoming vehicle.

◆All-Weather Proof

Infrared night vision can adapt to a variety of bad weather (rain, fog, haze, dust, etc.), and not affected by the light, suitable for a variety of time period, which could be used under all kinds of weather conditions.

Automatic alarm function of the pedestrian vehicle.

◆Pedestrian and Animal Recognition function

PSA Night Vision driving assist system could automatically identify and highlight the pedestrian and animal whose size exceeds 50cm inside the infrared image(Animal Recognition function is developing), also could make alarming to the possible collision hazards .The detection model is not only includes the upright walking routine pedestrians in front of vehicle(until 100 m), but also including some cycling, electric cars and motorcycles specially pedestrian.

◆PD (Pedestrians Detection)

1) When pedestrians walking in front of the driving vehicle with the distance of 20m to 40m, the pedestrians will marked with a rectangular box in red; when the pedestrains approaching with dangerious, the PSD NV will eject a red triangle icon on display and blares in three alarming sound to remind driver take immediate action.

2) When pedestrians walking in front of the driving vehicle with the distance of 40m to 90m, the pedestrians will marked with a rectangular box in yellow, at the meantime, the display will shows a yellow triangle icon to pre-alarm when pedestrains approaching; meanwhile the PSD NV will eject a yellow triangle icon on display and blares in one alarming sound to pre-alarm.

◆Front Crash Warning

When potential front crash may hanppen, the PSA NV will triger out yellow alarm and blare one alarm sound with the distance 60m~120m to the front vehicle; it will triger out red alarm and blare three alarm sound when the distance approaching to 25m~60m.



MH-D thermal imaging

camera for vehicle

Thermal Imaging


Sensor type



Spectral band, μm 8-14 microns (LWIR)
Sensitivity ≤0.05℃@30℃
Lens focus 19mm
Field-of-View, deg 28°x21° (PAL), 27°X18°(NTSC)
Image Presentation
Video output
Video output

Auto brightness an

d contrast adjustment

Image calibration

Auto calibratio

n without shutter

Image recognition Auto pedestrian recognition
Alarm Auto
Video output format CVBS



Start up time ≤ 8s

≤2℃activate defroster


@-30℃deice 1mm ice

within 15m

≤7℃close defroster




requirement, V

DC 9-32


dissipation, W



and control


Video output





-40℃to 70℃



-45℃to 85℃
Rating IP67
HD Screen
Size 8 inches 4: 3 digital screen
Resolution,px 1024 x 768
Refresh rate,Hz 60-75


input interface

VGA / AV / BNC optional
Video format PAL/NTSC
Power, V DC 12V
Effective Range


Detection range, m




range, m


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