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MH-MINTC640 Thermal Imaging Core

We are the factory who is specialized in research,development and production of thermal imaging camera cores.

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MH’s high resolution thermal imaging system provides unparalleled image quality performance with a 640×480 resolution, and a short time-to-image. With its small adjustable dimensions, and low power consumption, this advance core is highly versatile and modular – easily customizable and smoothly integrated into any system.

MH-MINTC640  thermal core's exceptionally high frame rate captures split-second events (like shooting bullets), making it the perfect choice for threat detection and automatic aim for retaliation. Its uniquely sensitive sensor technology compensates for this rapid 50 Hz frequency, resulting in a clear image of highspeed incidents.


*High 640×480 resolution
*High sensitivity of <50mK
*Small size gives it a low profile
*Accurate image analysis
*High speed target recognition
*New: optional shutter or shutter-less technology
*High quality real-time image processing
*Adaptive design to meet customer needs

Why thermal core from MH?

Because good things come in small packages. The MH's thermal core is compact and adaptable. It can be integrated into complex systems with ease, without compromising image quality. It is the perfect choice for long-distance applications, providing a wide FOV and a crisp image of an often dynamic and rampant scene.

thermal core

1. Specification of Mini Thermal camera,thermal core, thermal module

Detector type

Uncooled asi FPA

640*480px  17um

Frame rate


Spectral range


Polarity White / Black hot
E-zoom 2x/4x
Brightness/ contrast Auto/ Manual
Image resersal Horizontal / Vertical
External power supply Yes
Digital video output

14bit (50Hz)/ BT.65

6 (customized)

Communication RS232
Analogue video


Keyboard Yes
Self-adaption calibration Yes
Time to image <3S
Image enhancement DDE
Image display resolution, px 640*480
Lens, mm (Optional) 12/19/35/50/75/100mm
Size 24*24mm(PCB Only)

2. Very small in size, very light in weight, it is perfect thermal camera core for drones, uavs, thermal cameras,etc.

thermal imaging camera core

3. There are different lens of night vision camera for your choosing.

night vision thermal lens

4.Thermal camera core necessaries

thermal imaging camera accessories

5.Thermal Imaging images taken by thermal imaging thermal core with lens

thermal imaging camera for drones

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