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Infrared Panoramic Radar Monitoring System


1. Product Description

The BRI-U6 Infrared panoramic radar monitoring system can realize wide-area and large-range, 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, automatic monitoring and alarm, warning area customizing and automatic target recognizing or tracking for human,vehicle, ship and UAV. With a view to the various demands of full range search and track, the infrared panoramic radar system uses its linear array detector inside, realizes high-speed turntable and high uniformity scanning as a 360 full range search and track imaging system. The system can successfully work on the 360degree panoramic scanning and can be quickly turn to track imaging.

With powerful and rich productfeatures,the system can be applied to different application scenarios, such as ports,airports, forest fire prevention ,anti-drones reconnaissance and detection system, power plants andfield camps,etc.

2. Product advantage

● Wide field of view

Equipped with a single infrared detector for high-speed rotation shooting, so that can achieve360 degree coverage without dead ends.Andwithmotorized focusing lens,the magnification is 6 times, so a clear image is viewing from far and near.

● HD Imaging

Equipped with 640*512px @ 12μm infrared detector, so the imaging is very clear;

● Intelligent detection

Not only can the target be located, but the target can be detected and observed;

● Safe and reliable

The protect level is IP56, so it has the capability of 7*24 hours full time and all weather monitoring in harsh environment;

High cost performance

One piece BRI-U6 Infrared Panoramic Radar Monitoring System equal to 45 pieces 640*512px infrared surveillance cameras.

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