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Rifle scope

2020-09-16 10:22:10

There are 3 advantages of MH riflescope which is superior than market selling riflescopes.


1. IP 66 protect standard

Most of market selling riflescope protect standard just reach IPX4 which means water or dust may go inside the scope easily. With the dust or water going inside the scope, it may shorten the scope life or directly damage the scope. While, applied with IP66 protect standard, MH riflescope can absolutely resist dust and water, which definitely ensure safety and normal operating of riflescope.


2. Professional reticle

Most market selling riflescope just offered 2-3 types of reticle for shooters. What’s more, it is quiet simple reticle which cannot meet professional shooters’ shooting or calibration demands.

MH riflescope offered 12 types of reticles for shooters and each of reticle was calibrated by real bullets shooting. 3 types of reticles gives full information to professional shooters which can greatly helps them change the reticle parameters as per their shooting habits or varied climate.


3. Non light leakage eyepiece design

MH riflescope concerns your safety much more than others. Just image that you camouflage well in the dark, before you open the shot, light reflects from the scope lens. You definitely knows what it means in the field.

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