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Military High Performance Thermograph Camera

2019-08-08 14:50:32

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C series thermographic camera is an intelligent inspection device superior to any other thermal imaging products in its class. High resolution allows the electrical and mechanical users to pinpoint any overheating quickly and take accurate temperature measurement intuitively on a 5-inch 720P LCD display. The ergonomic rotating LCD and lens design makes it comfortable to aim up at any overhead components. Based on an open Android operating system design, it works not only as a thermal camera but also a mobile terminal for versatile application programs.

It has main features as below:

l Rotating LCD display up to 270°for easy viewing angle

l Rotating lens detents up to 70°for easy viewing angle

l Android based operating system with open platform for various APP developments and convenient program updating

l Powerful onboard analysis and reporting capabilities

l Multiple image presentation including IR, visible, PIP and MIF

l Wi-Fi data transfer

l Optional high temperature range measuring up to 2000℃(3623°F)

l Targeting electrical and industrial applications

Military high quality C series thermographic camera is widely used in electrical diagnosis, industrial, research and development, science education and building diagnosis.

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