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MH325 Night Vision Thermal Imaging Monocular

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Night Vision Thermal Imaging Monocular

Producut Description

Employed with an advanced 384x288px thermal sensor, MH325 thermal imaging monocular offers a brilliant image. Quick detection to humans, animals and other objects under most of the adverse environments such as heavy fog, glare condition, and total darkness, but portable makes the monocular superior to others in outdoor activities.


· Pocket size and mini design

MH325 thermal monocular is very compact and lightweight: less than 190*70*70mm and its weight is less than 500 grams, which allows you to scan vast areas for a long period of time without arm fatigue.

· High image 50Hz frequency.

High frequency makes the image more smooth under high-speed moving conditions.

· Image record & WIFI image transfer

With image record and WIFI image transfer function, MH325 can easily record every unforgettable moment and offers you great joy of sharing these photos with your family or friend around us.

· Real-time hot spot tracking

It can clearly show highlight the high-temperature area, which definitely can assist you in finishing your mission easily.

· IP66 waterproof and dust-proof

The monocular can not only resist any dust or debris but also could be handheld and used in rainy weather for an extended period.

Night Vision Thermal Imaging Monocular

Handheld thermal imaging monocular
Model MH-325 MH-319
Detector Detector type Uncooled FPA bolometer
Resolution 384×288
Image FOV 21.7°x16.4° 29°x21.7°
Focal length 25mm 19mm
NETD 80mk@30℃
Frame rate 50HZ
Focus Fixed
Electronic zoom 2X,3X,4X
Spectral range 8-14μm
Transmission WIFI image transmission for cellphone APP real-time view, recording, capture, playback
Cursor Yes
Laser point Yes
Display Display Color LCD 640*480
Polarity Black/White/Red-hot
Visibility adjustment Adjust by rotary knob
Power Battery type rechargeableLi-ion
Working time 5h
Charger USB or power bank
External power DC5V/2A(Micro USB)
Environment Working temp -20℃- +50℃
Storage temp -40℃- +60℃
Protection Level IP66
Anti-dropping 1 M
Physical characteris
Weight <0.5Kg
Dimension <190*70*70mm
Interface Power port Yes
Video output PAL
USB External charge
Detection distance Human 550 m 435m
Vehicle 750 m 595m
Recognition distance Human 270 m 200m
Vehicle 380 m 295m

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