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WY-30VTOL is a hybrid UAV between the fixed-wing airplane and multi-copter, able to take off and land vertically like a multi-copter and transition to efficient and fast forward flight like fixed-wing UAV. WY-30VTOL combines the advantages of fixed-wing, such as high speed, long-endurance, and long flight distance and VTOL features from multi-copters.

Vertical lift motors and rotors are mounted to each wing to provide vertical lift for takeoff and landing. Vertical lift motors are shut off for winged flight and propellers are feathered longitudinally for minimum drag.

WY-30VTOL require no special launch equipment and do not require runways for launch or landing. Transition to winged flight and VTOL are fully autonomous controlled.  WY-30VTOL is widely applied for aerial mapping, aerial surveying, aerial surveillance, and inspection under extreme terrains, such as between mountain areas, hills, forestry, and buildings.

WY-30VTOL would be an ideal choice for professional and industrial aerial UAS services

Key Features

1. Hybrid configuration design of fixed-wing UAV and flying wing UAV

2. Featuring long-endurance, 35m/s high speed, 4000m long flight range, and 15kg large payload

3. Vertical takeoff and landing do not require an airport to take off. It can take off and land even in small open spaces in city blocks. Therefore, this aircraft is particularly suitable for small areas

4. GPS module for high precision vertical and horizontal positioning

5. Fully autonomously flight controlled through professional flight control and GCS system

6. Easy to operate by two to three technicians in one team and fast to assembly and disassembly within 15 mins.

7. waterproof protection grade IP54 can be worked 2 hours in moderate rain. Wind resistance grade is 7 grade.


1. Aerial photography and surveying

2. Special fieldwork under the extreme condition that neither fixed wing nor rotors UAV reaches to

3. Disaster surveillance or resource surveying

Model Name
Wuying -30(Wy-30)
Small UAV
Power Type
Electric Drive
Max. Unfolding Size Of The Whole Machine
Wingspan 3400 Mm
Fuselage Layout
Vertical Takeoff and Landing Fixed Wing Flying Wing Configuration
Take Off And Landing Mode
Hang Up Flight
Max. Flight Speed
Max. Elevation
Max. Takeoff Weight
Max. Load Weight
Max. Wind Resistance
7 Grade
Max. Rain Resistance
Moderate Rain
Cruising Speed
Max. Relative Flight Height
3500m (Plain)
No Load Flight Time
Load Flight Time
Protection Grade
Grade Ip54
Manufacturing Process
Integrated Molding Of Composite Materials
Body Material
Carbon Fiber Composites

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