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DIC Full-Field Strain Measurement System


In recent years, optical measurement has become an important tool for mechanical test analysis and scientific research. The DIC full-field strain measurement system adopts non-contact measurement methods and has multiple working modes to meet the requirements of various test rates, resolutions and measurement ranges . It is not affected by materials, and is suitable for static or dynamic experiments of various materials.


Technical advantages

1. Advanced Technology

The core algorithm of independent intellectual property rights, and the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

2. Flexible Configuration

Support the measurement format of several millimeters to tens of meters or even larger. It can be adapted from industrial cameras with a few frames to high-speed cameras with hundreds of thousands of frames.

3. Powerful

It has the function of measuring the dynamic trajectory of circular mark points; it has the function of measuring the posture of the movement trajectory of rigid objects.

4. Strong Compatibility

Compatible with single-camera 2D measurement and multi-camera 3D measurement.

5. Rich Interfaces

Support universal testing machine, cupping testing machine, microscopy, thermal imaging and other types of equipment interfaces.


This product is widely used. It can be used in scientific research and engineering measurement in many disciplines such as mechanics, materials, construction, civil engineering, etc. Suitable for most material mechanics tests.


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