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MH Fire extinguishing robot system


    RXR-M40D-GT1 crawler fire extinguishing robot system is composed of robot body, fire water cannon and remote control terminal. The product has stable performance, advanced technology, reliable quality, convenient disassembly and assembly, and each product has been professionally adjusted and tested for performance. It is powered by a DC motor and adopts an engineered crawler chassis. It is flexible and can be turned on the spot, climbing hills and stairs, and has strong off-road capabilities. Equipped with large-flow fire-fighting water cannons and foam cannons, with long range, flexible control and easy deployment.

Fire extinguishing robot system

      Used for highway (railway) tunnel fires; subway station and tunnel fires; underground facilities and large cargo yard fires; large logistics warehouse fires; petrochemical oil depots and oil refineries fires; unknown dangerous goods fires and other fire fighting vehicles and personnel that are not easily accessible; Fire fighting in factory buildings and civil buildings.


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