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MH-U672 multifunctional thermal imaging fusion night vision binoculars


MH-U672 multifunctional long range thermal imaging fusion night vision binoculars is enhanced four channel binoculars, uses day and night type night vision technology fused with thermal imagery, thereby bridging the gap in performance and capability for both of these sensors, provides the operator with significantly improved targeting and identification in all conditions.

Integrated high resolution 640*512px@12um thermal detector, MH-U672 multifunctional long range thermal imaging fusion night vision binoculars can detect man out to 5000m and recognize man out to 1700m, Integrated high resolution 2592x1944px CMOS sensor, it can recognize man out to 4500m.  And integrated Laser Range Finder module, GPS and digital compass, it can be used to accurately get the target location.

This gives the warfighter substantially increased situational awareness, because threats can be detected in virtually any environment. Bad guys that would normally be camofluaged in foliage, rock formations, etc can now be easily detected from a safe distance.

By prominent marking capability, operator can quickly find cloaked and camouflaged object in day and night, especially effective in urban operations.


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