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vehicle thermal imaging obstacle avoidance system

2019-08-20 14:15:00

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Life safety is a matter of great concern to everyone, especially for those drivers. Because the number of people who die from traffic accidents every year is very large, our company is committed to driving safety at night and in many harsh environments for 15 years. Perfect. For the driver to solve the safety problem of driving, this product is the vehicle thermal imaging obstacle avoidance system, which has many advantages, such as: no environment, weather, in the dark, rain, snow, smog weather can be normal Driving, no glare from the opposite side of the car, you can see pedestrians and vehicles 300 meters away, the most important thing is that it has a dangerous alarm prompt, avoiding driving risks in advance, of course, it is small in size and easy to install We also made it waterproof. The highest waterproof rating of IP67 in its class. If you are a driver, I think you need this product very much because it is your safe driving


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