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Thermal Detector

2019-08-15 15:23:32

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At present, the uncooled thermal detector on the market is mainly divided into two types according to the uncooled thermal detector resolution: 640*480 and 384*288.

As a professional military factory, MH Technology Group customize and supply thermal detector for different clients from all over the world. Among them, 80% of the uncooled thermal detector supplied to the military include the Chinese military are 640*512.

The reason why so many military customers choose 640*512 uncooled thermal detector is mainly because 640 *512 uncooled thermal detector has the following advantages:

1. Using the higher resolution cooled thermal detector, the image much clearer and stable than 320*256 uncooled thermal detector.

2. High resolution uncooled thermal detector combined with continuous zoom dual field of view lens brings longer detection and identification distance for the users.

3. Due to the structure of the 320*256 cooled thermal detector, all 320*256 cooled thermal detector are bulky and heavy, but the 640*512 cooled thermal detector optimization has a better structure, making the detector smaller, lighter and more practical.


Thermal detector is widely used in

· Predictive Maintenance

· Building Inspection

· R&D

· Process Control

· Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

· Firefighting

· Automotive Night Vision

· Aircraft Enhanced Vision Systems


· Security/surveillance

· Hunter’s Sights

· Law Enforcement and uncooled sights


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