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King of the night

2019-08-13 18:18:19

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Hello, dear friends, today I want to introduce you to a product that will make you feel like you are in the daytime. Please guess what? Haha, the night vision device, this night vision device is not an ordinary night vision device, it uses the third generation of image enhancement tube, so that the image seen is more than doubled, of course, this is just one of it. Features, in addition to small size, light weight, waterproof, dustproof, with IR-assisted light source, allowing you to see the surrounding scene in a black environment, while also magnifying the image for you to see To be clearer, the most important point is that it will form a sense of self-protection in the glare. In a glare environment, you can't turn it on, which ensures the safety of the night vision device itself. If you like outdoor adventures, this night vision is worth your while and it will be the best complement to your adventure.


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