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Uncooled handheld infrared Heliotrope

As a general night vision equipment, the uncooled handheld infraredheliotrope has powerful functions. It not only has the functions of infrared observation and visible light observation, but also can take pictures and videos of the target. At the same time, it can pass the battlefield target information through the handheld tactical intelligence terminal (BBC-002) Reporting; can carry out ranging, local and target positioning of targets; accept external guidance instructions to assist in searching for targets; accept voice input auxiliary operations with high recognition probability; with ballistic calculation function, capable of storing more than 10 ballistic shooting tables; The interface is rich, not only has the electrical interface such as USB, RS232, PAL analog video, power supply, but also has Picatinny rail interface for hooking other equipment, and has a mechanical interface for connecting with a tripod.

Uncooled handheld infrared Heliotrope

Main tacticaltechnical indicators of the product

1. Infrared detection distance (under the condition of visibility 10km and humidity of 60%, the background is not

Through the air)

(1) The temperature difference between the target and the background is 3K, and the side recognition distance of the medium tank (at rest) is≥2km (field of view≥6°x4.5°);

(2) The recognition distance for upright individual soldiers is≥1km;

2. Visible light detection distance (under the condition of visibility 12km, the background is not transparent)

(1) The side recognition distance of the medium tank (stationary state) is≥6km (the field of view is≥3°X 2.2°);

(2) The recognition distance for upright individual soldiers is≥3km;

3. Laser ranging module

(1) Ranging range (under the condition of visibility of 12km, the side of the medium tank)

Minimum range: less than or equal to 50 Maximum range: ≥6km

(2) Ranging error: ≤2m

4. Quasi-lateral rate: ≥98%

5. Repetition frequency: ≥0.5Hz

6. Ranging logic: with the logic display function of the first and last target distance

7. Laser wavelength: safe wavelength for human eyes

8. Eyepiece diopter adjustment range: (-4~+4) diopter

9. Infrared field of view: ≥6°×4.5°

10. Applicable range of focal length: 50m~∞

11. Visible light through fog: visible light has the function of fog through

Yes, when the visibility is less than 4km,

Fog through ratio ≥1.5

12. Beidou positioning accuracy: built-in civil code positioning module, the horizontal positioning error is not more than 10m,

(CEP), the elevation positioning error is not more than 10m (PE), and there is an external light Beidou

The data interface of the differential user machine;

13. Magnetic azimuth angle measurement accuracy: ≤0.5° (RMS, main unit tilt range -15°~+15°)

14. Target positioning accuracy: when the observation distance is 2 km, the target positioning accuracy is ≤20m (CEP)

15. Weight: host weight: ≤2kg (including random battery, eye mask)

Carrying weight: ≤2.5kg (including main unit, prototype battery, wrist strap, eye

Cover, a set of spare batteries, carrying bag)

16. Continuous working time: ≥6h (normal temperature)

17. Man-machine function: convenient and accurate operation; friendly man-machine interface; good concealment; hand-held comfort

Suitable and easy to carry.

18. Environmental adaptability

(1) Storage temperature: -55°~+70°;

(2) Working temperature: -40°~+55°;

(3) Vibration, shock, low air pressure, temperature shock, damp heat, salt spray, mold, sand dust, etc. meet the relevant requirements of GJB150A-2009 "Military Equipment Test Environment Test Method";

(4) Impregnation meets the relevant requirements of GJB369A-1998 "General Specification for Military Optical Instruments".

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