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Corner Shot System

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Corner Shot is a high quality, user-safe product which allows "a corner" observation, sniping and assault capabilities in one.

The Corner Shot system is designed in a way that enables security forces to engage targets from the left, and right, from the front, up or down, and to move to each of these shooting positions very rapidly without the removal of hands from the weapon. This shortens reaction time and increases accuracy in sudden engagement situations. The weapon system can be triggered completely from behind cover.

Change-line-free shooting tactical system

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Corner Shot, allow to shoot around the corner, without endanger the shooter.
It is a great work to research and develop new products.Our corner shot is designed to enable, law enforcement and security operators to effectively observe and engage targets , meanwhile they are not  being exposed,MHDC Corner shot consists of a segmented, assault rifle-type folding stock – complete with a high-resolution optical glass. A lateral left and right swinging hinge mechanism and a remote trigger control allow the user to squeeze the trigger from behind the safety and comfort of any suitable structure.


Change-line-free shooting tactical system is a kind of operation platform for realization of pistols’ change-line aiming and shooting. It provides a new means of attack and defense for the troop, armed police and public security. The system overcame the tactical and technical design insufficiencies among similar products by adopting bran-new design concept and structural format, and achieved the purpose of the shooters revolved the weapon freely to collimate and shoot in the case of completely concealment. The platform can accomplish monitors, combats or frightens as well as avoid shooter exposure and insure the safety of shooter, which improved system reliability and flexibility. The product is in the highest flight inland.

Product functions

Applicable to police, special troops (commando), frontier defence, customs and other law executors and disciplined armies to implement of anti-terrorism, sudden emergencies, violence, hostages rescue, anti-drug, anti-contraband. On the premise of not to expose each part of the body, the users can observe the building, vehicles, ships, aircraft at the field of vision within blind area, control and eliminate the targets hiding in the corner.

Main features

*Be able to equip a variety of standard pistols, and meet the needs of different combat missions.

*Functions of change-line-free, target tracking collimation capabilities, and adapted to the requirements of various tactical actions.

*Functions of corner shooting with stability control and continuous optical zoom, aimed and shooting at a high-precision.

*Be able to install tactic light, outside red dot laser indicator, night vision sight, and video / image transmission integration machine.

*Achieved level, vertical targets observation with mutil-angle and video image wireless transmission.

*Safety, reliability and strong environment adaptability.

*With left and right operation, meets the needs of different user’ habits

*Owning independent intellectual property rights.

System structure

The system mainly consists of technology platform control system and cycle-view observing optical system.

Platform control system: comprises many functional elements as weapons fixture, corner control of the executing machine, the trigger linkage percussion, insurance machine, the lens turning mount, observation mirror mount rail, triplet tactical equipment rail, tactic light, removable gunstock, structural main unit.

Cycle-view observing optical system: comprises cycle-view optical system, collimating machine, optical imaging system, targeting reticule, optical magnification adjusting machine, tube, frame and other parts.

Weapons of mechanical rotation range 180 degrees plus or minus 90 degrees

Mechanical angular velocity of 90 deg / 1s

Linking firing trigger pull less than 3.8 kg

corner shot

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