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MH660 Hunting Thermal Camera Monocular

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Handheld Monocular Thermal Imager, Portable Mini Monocular Thermal Imager

thermal camera with monitor and handle

thermal imager with foldable handle and monitor

thermal imager with handle and monitor

thermal camera specification

MH660 Handheld Thermal Monocular is an incredibly portable thermal imaging monocular that will serve you well on the trail, in the home, or during a hunt. This highly compact Thermal Imaging device weighs just 350g (including the battery), and less than 158mm long, making for a Monocular that you can easily stuff in your pack, pocket, or pouch. With MH660 Portable Thermal Camera in your pack, you can easily detect out heat signatures in any environment, even through heavy fog, smoke, dust, and foliage. MH Infrared has equipped the MH660 with three selectable palettes - white hot, black hot, and red hot (Thermal signature shows in bright red in different level to highlight the target) - to instantly tailor your view to your surroundings. Intuitive three-button operation on the MH660 Thermal Monocular makes it simple to customize brightness, contrast, and polarity.

Monocular thermal imager

Item MH660



Detector type Amorphous
Silicon mirco


Array size/format
Lens Lens size 19mm
Zoom 2x and 4x both
Image display Display LCOS display
New function Tracing Hot spot tracing



Storage card 4G card
Wifi has wifi function
Environment Encapsulation IP66
Drop resistance 1M
Anti-shock 25G
Vibration resistance 2G,IEC68-2-6
Distance Detection 550



Weight 350g
Dimension (WxHxD) 158*67*62mm
Battery life
>5 Hours

Light Weight

Comfortable in hand with 350g only, MH510 allows you to scan vast areas for long periods of time without arm fatigue.

portable thermal imager

Pocket Size

With its small size and ergonomical design the monocular effortlessly slips into an outdoor coat pocket, and the grip rubber makes it easy to keep hold of.

thermal camera

Over-Night Battery Operation Time

With built-in Li-ion battery which enable user continuous to operate MH510 over 8 hours; with the genius standby mode, the operation time could be greatly extend. Meanwhile, MH510 could connect with extra-external power bank when charging inneed. Stop worrying about the battery problem, enjoy the great fun with MH510.

Easy Operation

With straightforward one-handed operation using only four buttons the MH220 assists your vision without adding complexity.

monocular thermal night vision

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hunting thermal monocular

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